Gargling Noises

I’ve known how to gargle since I was a baby. The first time I gargled was probably the first time I ever spit up milk. Coincidence? I think not. Everybody knows how to gargle. It’s like one of those things that everyone knows how to do. We take a sip, toss our head back, put the rest of our body on pause and exhale. We all do it the same. But what if we are all doing it wrong?

Everybody makes pretty much the same noise when gargling. There are different pitches and frequencies, but there is no mistaking it as a gargling noise. But why do we make any noise at all? Making sound when gargling is completely unnecessary, but we all do it. Why?

I made the following video to test my theory. I asked about a dozen people to gargle some water on video. I didn’t say anything about gargling noises or why I was having them gargle, I wanted it to be a fair and unbiased sampling. Here is the result:

  • Ha ha ha, FIRST of all– I love this. Second of all, gargling is kinda embarrassing on camera huh?

  • Valnea

    Hahahahahahaha you are crazy…
    Hahah I saw now at the end you wrote haha crazy, right?
    Even you made that sound.