What Makes Batman Batman?

Who wouldn’t want to be Batman? He’s a super hero that we feel we can almost relate to. Most of us aren’t from another planet. Most of us haven’t been exposed to massive amounts of polarized radiation. Many of us have been bitten by spiders, but it’s never amounted to much. But Batman’s background doesn’t have any of that either. Aside from having billions of dollars, knowing how to kick insane trash, having access to awesome gadgets and an inherited house built on a bat nest, he’s just like us.

There are people all over that have money, fighting skills, fun toys and nice landscapes, but that doesn’t make them Batman. So what is it that makes Batman Batman?

A Mask                                          A Cape
Guy Fawkes Mask     Bat Cape

Gadgets                                                                An Animal Themed Car
Grappling Gun     Dog Car

None of these things seem to be all that spectacular by themselves. Which leads me to believe that it is a combination of sorts. There must be some specific formula, because if you add them together incorrectly, it isn’t pretty.

Bat Dog

  • Ben

    HA! This is amazing Damon. Love it.

    Guaranteed Donald Trump is running around every night with a mask on and a cape fighting…well…I’m not sure who he could be fighting. Investors? I mean, he doesn’t look like he has the kind if physique to man-handle assasins, drug lords and their thugs, and cult ninjas. Maybe he wears an old guy suit…and an ugly face mask.

    Ok that was mean. I meant a fat suit.

    • While the entire population of this planet is positive that Donald Trump is not Batman, I’m pretty sure that he’s positive that he is Batman. He still thinks all his money comes from DC Comics, royalties for using him as their main character. But who knows? How else would he get his money?