Invention #1 – Chain-Link Climbing Shoes

This invention is meant to make climbing a chain-link fence easier. Climbing a fence with big shoes is difficult because the toes of the shoe are too big to fit into the tiny holes in the fence. My invention puts the perfect tip on the end of the shoe for fitting into the holes of a chain link fence.

Below are a few pictures of my prototypes:

Chain-Link Climbing Shoes


These shoes are perfect for evading police and dogs, bank heists, quick getaways, and the like. Obviously these aren’t in full production yet, the patent on these little gems is pending. However, you can still pre-order your pair now, with a minimal deposit.

This is the first installment of what promises to be many posts about some my ideas for various inventions. Granted, some of these ideas will be better than others. But mostly, some of them will be worse and more ridiculous than others.

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  • Chris

    The idea looks good, but they don’t look like they’re built for speed. Climbing a chain link fence requires easy in, easy out, with lots of room for error. Have you considered making the part rounded?

    • That’s a pretty good point, I’ll have to look into that for further revisions. Or I could take this approach: Knife Shoe

      That could still climb the fences just fine, but it would also help if you weren’t quite able to get away.

  • Charlie

    How about maybe three small spikes just under the shoe toe curve so the would be in a optimum location but not so obvious.